Belize is the sovereign nation and member of the British Commonwealth. In1990, Belize enacted the International Business Companies Act, and many international business companies have been registered. In 1992, Belize enacted the enactment of a Trusts Act, and in 1996, the passing of the Offshore Banking Act, and issued two kinds of banking licenses, i.e. the Unrestricted “A” Class and the Restricted “B” Class, witnessing the establishment of offshore financial market. As a financial regulating body that grants licenses, the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize is well known for its strict supervision.

According to the guidelines of IFSC and the relevant laws and regulations, an internal regulation mechanism is strictly implemented in GQFX with the following points as focus.

  • To soundly and stably manage assets by cooperating with banking partners according to high standards.
  • To manage all customers’ assets in strict accordance with the requirements of separate management system.
  • To strictly perform accounting audit in accordance with International Standard on related service (ISRS) 4400: Engagement to perform agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information.
  • License issued by IFSC. IFSC Number 000320/189.